Filipino Takeout Tuesday

Restaurants are one of the most affected by the temporary closure of businesses and the drop in tourism in Hawaii. Many are experiencing tight cashflow and some face the possibility of permanent closure. To help local restaurants, the Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu launched #FilipinoTakeoutTuesday on 30 June 2020. Companies and organizations are invited to patronize local food establishments and takeout Filipino food every Tuesday or at least once every week.

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Since the launch of the initiative, the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii has expressed its support for the #FilipinoTakeoutTuesday Project. Members of FCCH are encouraged to buy food from Filipino restaurants and establishments. The Consulate published a partial list of stores on its Facebook Page. Local restaurants and other Filipino-owned enterprises can contact the Consulate (email: [email protected]) to be included in the list of restaurants which will be promoted as part of the #FilipinoTakeoutTuesday campaign. (END)