A Special Message Regarding the News about the Filipino Community Center

The Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii (FCCH) has been informed of the recent events regarding the Filipino Community Center (FilCom Center). While the FilCom Center was initiated as a project of the FCCH, the entity became its own organization and is owned and operated independent of the FCCH. The events regarding the FilCom Center does not affect the normal operations or activities of the FCCH.

The FCCH continues to stand with the FilCom Center and it's commitment to the community. The organization looks forward to collaborating with the FilCom Center to work for the betterment for Hawaii's Filipino Community and all Hawaii.

For more information about the Filipino Community Center, visit filcom.org.



A Message from the FCCH President

Aloha! As the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii enters its 63rd year, I am excited to take the helm as the organization’s President.  Carrying the organization through this term is the following theme: Believing for Better.

This year’s theme draws inspiration from the spirit of opportunity that has been rooted in the soil of America since its inception.  It is this opportunity that has inspired many Filipinos to leave the comforts of familiarity and venture into a new world full of promise. Today, this spirit is alive and well in many of the entrepreneurs and business people in Hawaii.  They wake up looking for new opportunities to thrive in their respective industries and positions to improve their situations and achieve the success they seek.

The Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii is an organization that exists to nurture and hone this belief in its members by providing an environment and network for their aspirations to prosper.   As a result, lives are improved and the community progresses forward.

It is my hope that will join us on our journey this year.  On behalf of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, I look forward to Believing for Better together with you.

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