69 Years of Promoting Filipino Businesses in Hawaii

The Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii’s sixty-three year history dates back to a time when a group of Filipino businessmen - civic minded and fueled with the desire to unite the then fledgling Filipino business community - met in 1947.   Through their gathering, the Filipino Businessman's Association was formed and began to promote the common aims of the Filipino community.

The gathering of businessmen continued in the coming years, providing much needed leadership for perpetuating the rich Filipino heritage in Hawaii.   The organization provided regular networking meetings, valuable workshops, and outreach trade missions to the Philippines.  This attracted many businessmen and women such as Eddie Flores, Jr. (Founder, President & CEO of L & L Hawaiian Barbecue), Lito Alcantra (President, Group Builders), and Roland Casamina (President, House of Finance) among many others.  The ingenuity of the leadership helped birth many great community endeavors such as, The Filipino Community Center (FilCom Center), the “A Taste of Kalihi” Festival, and Filipino Entrepreneur of the Year.

Today, the FCCH continues its tradition of Promoting Hawaii’s Business in the Filipino Community through:

  • Membership & Networking Meetings
  • Entrepreneurial & Business Workshops & Seminars
  • Business Support & Mentorship Network
  • Valuable Partnerships & Working Relationships 

We invite you to be a part of our organization's effort to Believe for Better and strengthen the presence of Filipino Business in Hawaii.

FCCH Significant milestones and list of past presidents

Our Mission

The Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii provides leadership in promoting Hawaii’s business community through its programs and activities by:

  • Broadening opportunities for Filipino entrepreneurs and member businesses.
  • Strengthening business links between Hawaii and the Philippines.
  • Assisting in the professional growth of its members.
    Supporting the well-being of the community.

Why Join the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii

Networking Events
• Social Mixers and Membership Meetings
• Annual Filipino Entrepreneur of the Year
• Fun Dance
• Organized Chamber Activities & Events
• Inter-Chamber Gatherings

Marketing & Advertising
• Annual Membership Directory
• Quarterly Newsletter
• Online Directory & Advertising
• Event Programs & Sponsorships
• Social Media Advertising

Business Development
• Educational Seminars & Workshops
• Goodwill & Trade Mission (28th year)
• Interactions with Visitors from the Philippines
• Resources & Assistance to Small Businesses

• Oldest Filipino Chamber of Commerce in the US (64th year)
• Influential in business circles in Hawaii and Philippines
• A political and economic force in our state
• In Partnership with the Filcom Center
• Recognized Voice of Filipino Business in Hawaii

Member Benefits
• Membership Incentives & Benefits
• Outreach & Referral Sources
• Knowledge Resource of Philippine Business

Community Involvement
• High School Student Scholarship Fund
• Annual Filipino Fiesta
• Involvement with the Philippine Consulate of Honolulu
• Collaborate with the Filipino Community Groups

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