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Are you looking to expand your business but unable to find suitable local talent? Do you need people to work beyond regular hours to support your clients 24/7? Do you require someone to manage your social media and PR but do not have an in-house personnel to do that? Have you always wished that you could just focus on certain aspects of your work and not have to worry about non-core business processes like invoicing, accounting, payroll processing, HR training, and other back-end operations? Do you want to expand your business but are constrained because of limited financial resources, manpower, and/or office space?
Having a third-party take care of certain aspects of your operations may be right for you. You might find that your company may be better off focusing on your core competencies rather than having to worry about non-revenue generating activities such as customer support, billing, collections, scheduling, HR support services, IT and software development, creative content creation, PR management, and other backroom operations.
With the current disruptions in the business environment because of the COVID-19 pandemic, right now is perhaps the best time to innovate, re-evaluate, and re-imagine how you do your business and manage your financial and human resources in order to position your company for long-term growth under the “new normal”.

  • 13 August 2020: BUSINESS PIVOT: Understanding how outsourcing can be a strategy to grow your business    REGISTER
  • 20 August 2020: ACCESSING PROFESSIONAL WORKFORCE SUPPORT: Hiring virtual assistants to handle administrative work    REGISTER
  • 27 August 2020: GETTING YOUR SCHOOL/COMPANY READY FOR DISTANCE-LEARNING: Outsourcing the creation of effective e-learning solutions    REGISTER
  • 3 September 2020: OUTSOURCING CREATIVE WORK: Leveraging on cultural similarities between the Philippines and US to deliver timely and useful content    REGISTER
  • 10 September 2020: SETTING-UP YOUR CALL CENTER OVERSEAS: Ensuring 24/7 support to serve your clients’ needs      REGISTER
  • 17 September 2020: DELIVERING CLIENT-FOCUSED HEALTHCARE: Outsourcing non-core processes in order for healthcare professionals to focus in providing care    REGISTER
  • 24 September 2020: CREATING TECHNOLOGIES THAT DELIVER VALUE: Leveraging on Philippines’ talents to build apps and software solutions    REGISTER
  • 1 October 2020:   MANAGING BACKROOM OPERATIONS: Outsourcing accounting and financial functions to enable your company to focus on your core competencies   REGISTER