Awards & Installation Banquet

The Annual Awards and Installation Banquet for the FCCH is the organization's largest and one of the most important events of the Filipino Chamber's year.  The event serves to celebrate the achievements of the organization that dates back to 1954 while setting the course for the future as outlined by upcoming term and its administration.

Goodwill & Trade Mission to the Philippines

Every year the FCCH arranges a trip to the Philippines that helps strengthen the relationship between Hawaii and the originating country of the organization's area of focus.  Participants of the trip are able to gain a first-hand experience of various places of the Philippines through the warm hospitality of its people, the unique culture of the country dubbed The Pearl of the Orient and explore business opportunities available there.  Past guests of our annual trip have included Hawaii State Governors and Mayors of various cities and counties within the Aloha State.

Forum With Hawaii State Legislators

Our annual Legislative Forum provides attendees a unique opportunity to interact with a number of elected officials on a person-to-person and group discussion setting, with the aim to encourage greater civic engagement to tackle many of the important issues that face our state.  Discussions at these events have been fruitful in providing perspective and traction for the government and legislative agendas of attendees and helps the community build the relationship with its elected leaders.

Christmas Party & Celebration

With the Holidays being the perfect time to celebrate, the FCCH hosts a lively and joyful Christmas party.  The lighthearted and festive celebration highlights the camaraderie of the organization with delicious food, interactive games and great prizes!

A Taste of Kalihi

Rooted in the desire to spur economic development in the heart of Honolulu, A Taste of Kalihi is a community-centered street-party-style event aimed at drawing attention to one of Oahu's historic communities.  Food, fun, and "All Things Kalihi" are celebrated during this event and has helped contribute to the well-being of the area.

Scholarship Golf Tournament

The FCCH Foundation annual Scholarship Golf Tournament allows for golf aficionados to get swinging for a good cause!  Over one-hundred golfers gather for this worthy cause where a portion of proceeds from the tournament go towards the annual FCCH Foundation scholarship given out at the Filipino Entrepreneur of the Year Awards event.

Filipino Entrepreneur of the Year

Celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurial in the Filipino community, the FCCH gathers once a year to honor Hawaii's budding Filipino entrepreneurs through the Filipino Entreprenuer of the Year (FEOTY) awards. Past awardees include Eddie Flores, Jr. (L & L Hawaiian BBQ) and Lito Alcantra (Group Builders, Inc.).  The event also serves as the venue to award the scholars chosen for the FCCH Foundation scholarships.