The Filipino Chamber, “Block party? We got you covered!”

It seemed like another beautiful day in Honolulu except that it was more festive than usual at one particular town ~ Kalihi.
On January 16, the Honolulu community gathered at one place where laughter reverberated, smiles lasted longer, music played non-stop, and diet never existed. From sun-up to sun-down the town of Kalihi and the city and county of Honolulu celebrated the 9th Annual Taste of Kalihi; it was an event symbolizing Hawai’i’s acculturation and celebration of the Filipino culture, food, and people.

Through the undaunted efforts of the Executive Board of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawai’i under the leadership of President Sam Acosta and the unwavering support of the Etrata Foundation and the City and County of Honolulu, the community celebrated history and tradition.
In so many ways, from attendance, vendor participation, sponsorship, entertainment, safety and security, and thousands of happy faces and full stomach, the event was truly a success.

The event was also attended and supported by our elected officials led by Mayor Kirk Caldwell, Senator Donna Mercado Kim, and Former Mayor Mufi Hannemann, who recognize the value of such events to our community.

The FCCH would like to thank the Hawai’i Construction Alliance for a very generous donation of $10,000 that would help in building our community through scholarships, trade missions, and cultural events.
And to all the members of our community who came out and participated in such unique celebration of culture, tradition, and community, mahalo for your continued support. We hope that you had fun as much as we did organizing the event.
Until the next Kalihi block party!
Mabuhay at Maraming Salamat!