A Word from our President


Aloha & Mabuhay!

Someone once said “life is like a wave, you can’t change the way it breaks, but you can change the way you ride it.”

This is the year to get our of our comfort zones and move from where we are and change the way we ride as we all ” Catch the Wave” together into the next millennium and move us to greater heights of success. For the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, it is our goal as a team to work very hard and make every effort to help this great organization become more sustainable, transparent, impactful, and relevant. 

As we celebrate 62 years of promoting Hawaii’s business community, we look back with great pride and humility as what we collectively achieved as an organization. Today, Filipinos have made indelible marks in the business community and experienced growth in many aspects of our society. Generations of Filipinos have become great contributors to the healthy stated of our community including our sponsor partners with visible and measurable results. We will insure that everyone involved with the Chamber will have a positive experience that will last a lifetime. 

In our efforts to continue to work very hard together, we will face challenges and triumphs along the way, but every step we take will be an opportunity to make a difference in the business community and at the same time continue to define the true legacies of this great organization. I can say with great confidence that we have a great team and if the team members work together as one toward single clearly defined goal, anything is possible.

Maraming Salamat Po and God Bless you and the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii!