FCCH Member Survey!

Aloha, FCCH Ohana.

A group of management professionals from Asia (the Philippines, Japan, and India) have dedicated some time to help FCCH in analyzing and evaluating our recruitment and membership retention challenges. They would like to provide recommendations to our organization as part of their study via the Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge (GLIK) sponsored by Jaims Ohana (Japan – America Institute of Management Science). They need our help in gathering information. They already met with our President Sam Acosta and myself; however, they need more information to fully understand our organization and the issues we are facing. Given that it is hard to meet in person I suggested that they create a survey instead. 
We are humbly asking for a few minutes of your time to help the group by filling in their survey. It is their first time in Hawai’i and they are truly grateful to FCCH for the opportunity.

To access the survey, please click the link.

Just in case, you may also copy and paste on your browser: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/59M6M2S

Maraming salamat po.